Chicken Strasbourg 

    This really easy and wonderfully delicious recipe came to me whilst on way home from work.  I fancied a little soupçon of Gewurtztraminer and started to dream of chicken, lardons of bacon, cream, sweetness and suchlike.  I visited Strasbourg, the Alsace capital as a teenage gal a couple of times and was affected by its vibrancy and breath taking beauty coupled with stunning back drops.  This really easy and very reasonable recipe is a little decadent with a splash of wine and a couple of spoons of double cream to add richness…

    Serves 4

    Take a 100 gram pack of bacon lardons, and sauté gently in a splash of olive oil. Set aside and use same oil to seal and colour your chicken supremes.  Cook for around 3 minutes on either side before placing on some miniture new potatoes and placing in the oven to roast for 25 minutes.  Meanwhile chop a bunch of spring onions, 3 garlic cloves and soften for a minute in the same oil. Add in 200 mls of chicken stock, a splash of white wine and reduce for 10 mins.  Add in the set aside lardons, a shredded baby gem lettuce and a cup of petits pois and simmer for 3-4 mins.  Sprinkle a tiny bit of Tarragon, then take a little of the jus, mix in with 70 mls of double cream then add back into the sauce ( this avoids splitting rather than adding the cream directly).  Take out new potatoes, place in centre of plate, place chicken supreme and spoon over glorious sauce in abundance with some chopped chives…..serve with a glass of Alsace wine or as I have done a little Vino Esmerelda by fam Torres…… 



    Author: Just Delight Me

    Foodie, wino, Ex-restauranteur, hospitality expert, Moral leader, mentor, service obsessed, people lover, loves travelling...

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