Delicious Vinos-Gewurztraminer

I just love a good Gewürztraminer, scrap that my lovelies, I adore it.  I cease to be failed by this fragrant little number.  The one I am currently blogging about is  Marks and Spencer’s version 2014  Baron de Hoen. In one of my earlier posts I talked about Strasbourg in The Alsace region when I was bleating about one of my recipes ‘Chicken Strasbourg.’  At risk of repetition, I will say again and only once that the Alsace region of France is exquisite to say the very least.  Gewurztraminer, I have recently found myself falling in love with again after a very good friend of mine sent me a case as a thank you for helping her.  I had probably until that point not drank it for around a decade.  Not too sure why, other than looking for new things, and preoccupation with other exciting wonders.  Anyway, the case was quoffed pretty quickly, and gave me the incentive to put it back firmly on my shopping list and never neglect it again.  For me Gewürztraminer makes a great aperitif as the flavours are very powerful and distinctive of Lychee, freshness, rose petals coupled with the colour being golden like the locks of a strawberry blond elegant lady.  The wine also pairs well with a strong feisty dish, capable of holding its own in the food and drink arena such as Chinese, Thai or perhaps some Game.  This wine is from the Beblenheim area of Alsace in the Northeast of France.  Alsace as mentioned has a distinct identity and for me should sit firmly on bucket lists.  Gewürztraminer M&S, you are my induction back in the Gewürztraminer fold, I am going to sadly have to be flirtatious with others to find out other key identifiers that set you all apart.  It will be an arduous journey, but someone has to do it.



Author: Just Delight Me

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