Whispering Angel 2015- Chateâu D’esclans Provence.

  • I’ve gone abit quiet on the old blogging front.  Not quite sure why.  Maybe my day job has been too hectic and I’ve toned myself down a notch.  Who knows really.  This morning I thought, it’s been a good 18 days Suzanne since you shared something with your public.  It’s payday today, treat yourself old gal to a bottle of something special.  I dutifully listened and stopped off enroute to work.  I’m into Rosés massively at the moment, and headed straight to the aisle adorned with bottles of the pink stuff.  Having bleated on and on about the Jolie- Pitt vino recently, I thought something new in the same price bracket may be the order of the day.  I opted for a bottle of 2015 Whispering Angel (£16.99 Waitrose). Busy day had, fast forward  to 7pm ce soir.  I chucked the bottle in the freezer for 30 mins whilst I attended to laundry, children who should be revising, but in actual fact could major in FIFA 16 and Ex on the beach, stuck the tea on and turned my thoughts to my vino.  The weather is dismal so was more in the mood for a Cab Sauv to be honest but I stuck with the programme.   Oh my,  as Anastasia Steel would say, this wine is just sublime.  Strawberries, elderflower, Lychée, freshness, gorgeousness draped in more gorgeousness. This wine is just pure virginity and sheer class combined.  My goodness I fell in love in a split second.  Dear Chateâu D’esclans, I  am your ambassador- pick me, pick me…. I’m yours…


Author: Just Delight Me

Foodie, wino, Ex-restauranteur, hospitality expert, Moral leader, mentor, service obsessed, people lover, loves travelling...

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