My Teen’s top sayings….

10-“Do we really need to come with you? Why don’t you spend quality time with Dad?” 

9-“Do you realise that your constant nagging really has the opposite effect on me.  I really cannot concentrate on revision and that’s basically down to you..”(Only said good morning.)

8-“Why do we not have anything exciting to eat/drink in this house?” (well because every time I come home with shopping, it’s like you’ve just finished a hunger strike)…..

7-“Have you not finished my laundry yet? I gave it to you ages ago”  ( I had to look for it myself, and Gawd only knows what infectious disease I picked up in the process.)

6 “When do WE get paid?” I mean really…..

5-“Ha ha lol, such and such suggested we go to Amsterdam/ Magaluf/ Ibiza for a break… Haha lol” (testing the water on a major scale)

4-“Whats for Dinner/breakfast/brunch/lunch”(added Brunch for sophistication.)

3-“Ha Ha lol, been invited out tonight, and need a lift, Ha Ha lol”(testing the water.)

2-“You look really pretty today, we should do a girlie day, you know, Lunch, new outfit, new highlights….” (Ha Ha looooooool)

1-“What’s your PIN number again?” (You can give it a shot love)….

Author: Just Delight Me

Foodie, Creative, delighter, Mumma, Traveller, Pro Humanity & a little bit sassy.

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