The Perfect Family Break…

Three months ago, the family and I booked a two week break to Side in Turkey. Every time I was asked where I was going on my holibobs this year by a friend or colleague, I was met with glazed expressions, sarcastic and flippant comments such as “you’re brave”, “it’ll be quiet”, “don’t stray into Syria”……

Needless to say when the attempted Coup was broadcasted with many scary images on TV and Social media, nerves really kicked in.

Arguments, wobbles, calls to our Travel agent took place over five days. We were refused the option to change our plans to another destination. Coupled with winding down from work I was a stress mess.

The evening before we were due to travel, as a family we decided that we would go and make the most of it. That night I slept un fitfully, dreaming of the worst possible situations and woke in a cold sweat.

Once we had arrived in Antalya, I was all of a sudden examining vehicles – goodness know where I picked up my risk assessment abilities.

The one hour transfer to Side was of course without a hitch. Security in Turkey is at an all time high and the only sign of a second attempted Coup was my Coup de Champagne on arrival at our resort.

Travelling with three teenagers, I worried that I would not be able to satisfy their partying needs, as of course I didn’t want to let them out of my sight.

Needless to say, I had one of the most stress free, beautifully relaxing holidays ever, and our break could not have been more perfect.

Turkish hospitality is sublime, the coast line is amazing, the food is fresh, delicious, tasty and extremely varied not to mention extremely reasonably priced. The Turkish vino and Efes beer is easily quaffable.

Side is a beautifully stunning town with a harbour, steeped in history. It’s heartbreaking to see the tourism being affected so drastically in such a beautiful place on earth. 

In the end after extensive research, I allowed the three teens a few nights out in Side. There are two really good clubs where you can dine as well before they turn clubby. Security and police presence at night is tight and vehicles are stopped at a barrier at the top of the strip and banned from town. That naturally offered reassurance to me.

All in all, a perfect breakaway and cannot wait to go back……