Lazy Monday one pot roast chicken.

I was away this weekend so didn’t manage my token hour of ironing or my weekly roasting of anything mildly interesting ( usually chicken).  Tonight I sniffed that my boys felt they had been hard done by, and myself still in the recovery position from several quaffable whites, 3 glasses of champers,  a smooth côtes du Rhône, and five baby guinesses ( sang to the tune of 12 days of Xmas) thought that dinner should not be an almighty affair.  Here’s what I did…. Bought a smallish chicken ( only 3 of us, feel free to upgrade) placed into a roasting dish with a quartered onion, 3 garlic cloves, 200 grams of New potatoes, and roasted with a glug of olive oil at 190 degrees centigrade.  After 40 mins, Chucked in 5 halved carrots, tossed about with some Tarragon.  Then 15 mins down the line, added 100 mls of dry white wine, 100 mls of water, a  chicken stock pot and 2 handfuls of garden peas.  A big mix and you have your favourite flavours with minimum effort.  I served with a Yorkshire pud and some cauliflower cheese.  Monday delight!!