Several wonderful hours in Singapore.

The hubster and I visited Singapore as part of our Honeymoon some twenty two years ago. “What’s that I hear you say? I must’ve been a young bride?” Fast forward to 2018, and the eldest offspring Melina has just spent 5 glorious months at University in Singapore on a swappy semester abroad whereby she studied her normal course plus travelled about with her newly acquired mates. The hubster and I have popped out to pick up Melina, plus are going to hop around to some other parts of the hood whilst we’re here. Sadly this has only left one day at the beginning of our tour and one at the end to be in Singapore. Things have really changed in all the years and I’m not talking about just my physical appearance, but Singapore to a very young ahem bride didn’t seem as exciting as it is right now. I just thought I’d share what we did and how to feel like you are getting some traction even if you only have a few hours to spare like us.

  • We arrived into Singapore early, which was helpful. We looked like we had been dragged through hedges and aged significantly after our flight. I wonder if the pilot can take an alternative route home, not near The Himalayas, my goodness it was rough. We headed straight for our hotel for our first night in hope that we could check in several hours early. One can always hope and this time the hoping turned to an early check in. Very lucky I know. I had visions of the hubster and me kipping on the sofa in the lobby with unkempt hair straggling all over and dribble on the plush cushions. I need not have feared. We had a little siesta and shower before walking to the Orchard Drive shopping areas then wandered into the Paragon centre where I was pulled swiftly outta there after falling in love with a pair of sparkly wedges that cost eleventy billion dollars. Next we had a coffee and checked out the world from a window seat at the Tiong Bahru Bakery. The daughter was enroute from a ghastly Shakespeare exam so we met up and headed for Boon Tat street. Now… I had been told to savour some Satay in this said street, and after marching the hubster and daughter up and down this Satay street for 5 times searching for the best satay, was flummoxed that I couldn’t find Satay at all! The hubster was starting to get hangry, so we settled in a very friendly little place. The lovely chap suggested little Asian DimSum and various dishes and we devoured them excitedly. They were very cute, well executed and fragrant. We stayed around an hour, quaffed a couple of cheeky vinos and then walked to Chinatown via a very strange alley that backed onto several restaurants. I peered into the kitchens and witnessed an array of exciting produce. I felt slightly uneasy at raw fish not being on a Blue chopping board, but guess colour coding isn’t the top of the agenda in Singapore. We wandered about Chinatown which I guess is much better at night and took a Uber to Clarke Quay where we hopped on a river cruise. We spent a fab forty- five minutes seeing all the iconic buildings and learning about the very interesting history whilst soaking up the sun and taking selfies. After this, we returned back to catch up on our sleep for a couple of hours before heading back to Clarke Quay for Dinner and drinkies. We invited Kayley from Maryland who has been buds with Melina the past few months to join us. Kayley, being a student also, was totally up for eating properly for a change and we decided at the girls request to dine Mexican by the river. It was apparently happy hour, but there wasn’t anything happy about the measures of Chardonnay and frankly knocking off one dollar a drink isn’t the type of happy hour I’m used to. I knocked back three Chardonnays and still felt as sober as a judge. The food was great though, Mexican Calamari and quesadillas for me. Totally scrumptious. We walked after dinner and went to a very undyynamic bar that brought out cocktails one at a time. We had ordered four and I think the bar chap only had one shaker poor thing. The hubster and I left the girls and went for one more drink at the Canary Bar on the fourth floor at the Grand Park hotel. This place is so relaxing and we sat near the pool outside and had another minuscule Chardonnay costing eleventy billion pounds. My goodness Singapore is quite pricey but lovely. It’s a wonderful place and I’m thankful for its safety that’s protected my cherub for the past few months.

Author: Just Delight Me

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