Langlands Brasserie, Langlands Bay.  

I just feel that I need to share this glorious place.  We stumbled upon this gorgeous fishy led Brasserie last October when we visited offspring number one at Swansea university.  My thoughtful hubby booked this place for Sunday lunch and I couldn’t wait to go back.  Booking is necessary as it’s really busy and easy to see why.  We opted yesterday for the really reasonably priced Sunday Lunch.  The weather was not too stunning, but that didn’t stop the enjoyment of being inside the buzzy gorgeousness that Langlands Brasserie is.  I opted for juicy plump Mussels as I always do when they’re in offer, braised to perfection in a creamy, white wine and Thyme jus.  Then I savoured the Roast Beef, which was cooked to perfection and served with all the trimmings.  The vino was a mega gluggable Merlot which warmed the cockles on a nippy day.  No space sadly for pud but went on a hilly and glorious walk instead.  This place is so adorable, it’s vibrant, lively and the staff look like they’re having fun.  We’ll be back really soon.


Eleven Reasons to dine at Eleven Madison Park.

I am one lucky lady, my husband surprised me with an evening at what can only be described as the most amazing place I’ve ever been to.  I’m in New York for the weekend, and we’re ramming in as many gastronomic delights as possible without spontaneous combustion. Rather than write for days, which I could about this place, and bore you rigid, here’s Eleven reasons why one should dine here if you possibly can……

  • 1- White Gift box on table on arrival….. I loved the fact that thus eaterie is so minimalistic, the whole vibe leaves you wanting more.  On arrival, we had a little box containing what looked like little cookies.  They were little cookies – savoury cheddary ones, which got me off to a good start.
  • 2- Champagne Trolley…. We ordered two glasses of champers, husband hoping that two House ones would be brought to us.  He didn’t say it, but I knew it.  What a delight to have a little trolley wheeled to us with a selection from the House to a Krug half bottle.  I selected the House, as it was going to be a long night, and did not want a tiff at the first hurdle.  Good wifey points.
  • 3-The Menu itself, no faffing around with endless bits of paper, all thinking removed from the process.  You’re here on our territory you play by our rules.  I like that I’ve realised.  We asked the wonderful Sommelier to choose matching wines, husband of course gave him a sensible budget per glass and by Jove the chap nailed it and delivered. We were asked what ingredients we didn’t like, and they set to work. Amazing.
  • 4- Minimal explanation.  This is a very clever move.  Food does the talking, and when I mean talking, it was mind blowing. Never have I witnessed such flavours.  The other great thing though, staff are so well informed.  I picked up the crockery for inspection, a chap appeared to tell me the story about the owner being good mates long ago with the crockery creator, and now the crockery is sur la table.  Cute story.
  • 5-Kitchen tour- AMAZING kitchen, one does not feel like a spare part once taken in, instead positioned behind a little table whilst a lovely lady makes granita that one can savour whilst admiring the serene environment. Calm chefs laughing and collaboratively working.  A joy to watch.6-The food itself, was just to die for.  I adored everything from the beautiful snacks presented in Bento boxes, I embraced the take on Eggs Benedict, presented in a Caviar tin with Caviar neatly quenelled on top.  All courses were in fact perfectly executed.  Even the whetting of the appetite cup of Chicken broth, right before the Beef course…….Divine!

  • 7-That crockery again!  Simple, rustic and added to the “we’re not trying too hard feel.”
  • 8-The Staff!  Each and everyone of them a joyous experience to watch going about their business.  All perfectly groomed, enjoying their work life.  Genuinely you could feel and see it.9-People watching.  I love observing others.  What a mixed clientel! I was genuinely in awe of the lady opposite me, and how many of those Martinis she managed to quaff.  My type of girl.

  • 10-The little quiz!  We were presented with 4 bars of chocolate and had to guess and mark on a piece of paper, which animals milk was used in each bar by taste.  I got them all right…. Not that difficult, but was told I’m very clever.  Liked that a lot! ( no prize other than a bitter aftertaste from the sheep’s milk choccie).
  • 11-The menu in a tin to take home.  Just Incase one forgot what one had eaten, a very neatly presented menu folded into a cute tin. Great idea and perfect presentation.  Easily portable.
  • I hugely enjoyed my culinary experience.  Only one small critical point is that I cannot stand seeing staff all lined up when you enter a restaurant.  One has to walk past like eleven people all in a line.  Disperse and look busy!  Quite intimidating.

Delicious Vinos- The Hedonist Shiraz, McLaren vale 2010 Australia.

My client at work  has been talking about this wine for a couple of months now…  I’m not usually a syrupy very pungent  vino type of girl, and once I’d decided to purchase a bottle, I’d made up my mind to  

 stereotypically be unwelcoming.  I rudely presumed the The Hedonist to not be my cup of tea at all. How off the mark could I be? This gorgeous babe is mega voluptuous, super sexy, silky, satin like, deeply  intelligent and über classy.  The name is precisely fitting, packaging spot on and delights all my  hard to reach corners.  Bravo indeed….

Chicken Strasbourg 

    This really easy and wonderfully delicious recipe came to me whilst on way home from work.  I fancied a little soupçon of Gewurtztraminer and started to dream of chicken, lardons of bacon, cream, sweetness and suchlike.  I visited Strasbourg, the Alsace capital as a teenage gal a couple of times and was affected by its vibrancy and breath taking beauty coupled with stunning back drops.  This really easy and very reasonable recipe is a little decadent with a splash of wine and a couple of spoons of double cream to add richness…

    Serves 4

    Take a 100 gram pack of bacon lardons, and sauté gently in a splash of olive oil. Set aside and use same oil to seal and colour your chicken supremes.  Cook for around 3 minutes on either side before placing on some miniture new potatoes and placing in the oven to roast for 25 minutes.  Meanwhile chop a bunch of spring onions, 3 garlic cloves and soften for a minute in the same oil. Add in 200 mls of chicken stock, a splash of white wine and reduce for 10 mins.  Add in the set aside lardons, a shredded baby gem lettuce and a cup of petits pois and simmer for 3-4 mins.  Sprinkle a tiny bit of Tarragon, then take a little of the jus, mix in with 70 mls of double cream then add back into the sauce ( this avoids splitting rather than adding the cream directly).  Take out new potatoes, place in centre of plate, place chicken supreme and spoon over glorious sauce in abundance with some chopped chives…..serve with a glass of Alsace wine or as I have done a little Vino Esmerelda by fam Torres…… 


    Ta Da! First Review OKA Kingly Court Soho London.

    Ta Da! First post finally under my ‘Just delight me’ brand which only took me three years to think of a name to suit. Hey though better late than never and hopefully you poor defenseless people who have landed on my growing blog will give me the benefit of the doubt as I fear my blogging adventure to be a slow drip, lonely process!

    Yesterday, I was treated by my boss with my co colleagues to a foodie adventure, and although it ended rather messily in Camden with me attempting Salsa Dancing (definitely rustier than I remember) late lunch was enjoyed at Oka in Kingly Court, in London’s Soho.

    ‘Oka is a Pan-Asian and Sushi concept with two other sites in Chelsea and Primrose Hill and prides itself on a seasonal small menu and hand-made to order dishes’

    I had not ventured to Kingly Court before, and what an adorable place, a foodie and bar haven on three floors centered by an indoor Al fresco area, in London’s Soho. I was already well oiled by several Dirty Martinis from ‘Dirty Bones’ situated above Oka, and was definitely in the mood for food. The restaurant itself is small, taken up by an open kitchen and around 40 covers. The menu is simple, coupled with few wines including of course warm Saki to choose from, which for me added to the charm. There were eleven of us in our group, and the little dishes were well presented, well-timed, gorgeously rustic and scrumptiously delicious.

    Service was flawless, and the entire team was on show and worked with seemingly genuine affection for one another which was such a pleasure to witness. Not once did we need to top up our own wine, not that I mind that by the way in an informal gaff, but truly in awe that they kept up with us!

    I have to say that I loved the place, will 100% return and ecstatic to have discovered Kingly court and Oka.

    This is my first post, please stick with me…. I was too well oiled to remember to take pics on this occasion, but promise next time to be more visual.