Delicious Vinos- Chateau Kefraya Grand Cru 2008

All I can say is what a bewitching little number this is…  My friends returned last week from Beirut to with a couple of bottles of this corker.  Chateau Kefraya is located in the heart of the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, and clearly these vineyards are capable of providing outstanding and elegant wines.  Elegant is what it was by the way in terms of packaging, look and taste. A beautiful harmony of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon produced a sexy voluptious body draped in silk. I married into Lebanese family who have had a penchant for Fine French reds and I have had the pleasure to taste some of the finest. I absolutely found this divine as a comparison in every way, and absolutely adore a Lebanese who can hold their own!  I love the strapline by the way- A Terroir, a soul, a great wine.  Spot on!