Ten great reasons to stay at The Berkeley….

Last weekend the fam and myself treated ourselves to a petit getaway.  Due to dwindling funds caused by monster school fees, tutoring, paying for offspring’s post exam trauma holidays, a petit, petit minibreak most certainly had to be the order of the day.  So we decided upon an over night stay at The Berkeley and had the most amaze balls time.  Here’s why….

  1. Welcome- what a welcome, door men and reception staff deserve special kudos for their unbelievable attention to detail.  Extremely helpful with parking, rooming, knowledge etc etc.
  2. Floristry – quite simply the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen anywhere and they were everywhere ( girlie thing I know).
  3. Corridors- newly being refurbished, very swish, chic and full of grooviness.
  4. Lifts- very cute with a little sofa in them which my son took full advantage of.
  5. Bedrooms- love, love love….beautifully spacious      we had two connecting which we just left open and wandered about with a lovely lounge in the middle.  Nice touches, very cute goodie bags for the children, biscuits, macaroons, fruit and the all important champers    ( thank you muchly).
  6. Showers- I can only say that I’ve waited 43 years to have the best shower, oh my goodness you nailed it.  (Mention must also go to the peppermint toiletries that made parts of me tingle that I thought were dormant).
  7. Swimming pool- I did not hit the Gym or Spa but had two great swims.  Beautiful luxuries, perfect temperature, perfect size…    ( think the roof opens in the Summer), loved the little garden. Loved the teas handed to you as soon as you get out of the pool.  Fab robes and slippers, felt like a Greek Goddess swimming and padding around.  Read some great articles and found three new people to follow on Twitter.  Overall mind and soul top nourishment marks.
  8. Location- sadly did not dine in the hotel, we braved the Gorgeous English weather, and popped out for a light lunch, went to Soho for dinner. Harrods literally was a few minutes walk away, we took the children to look at all the things that if they study really hard, they may be able to afford one day. This  Actually has given my son a real kick, and he’s been  studying since we got back relentlessly so very educational me thinks.  Basically the location of The Berkeley is extremely convenient and when sadly finally departing, if driving literally you are out on the motorway really quickly.
  9. Good nights sleep- beds, pillows, duvets all wonderfully helpful in giving me a dreamy night of catching up on my sleep.  Next day the bags under my eyes had reduced significantly ( my eye bags are designer – just saying).
  10. Breakfast- for me the highlight.  Best buffet I’ve seen, loved it loved it.  My omelette was amazing, loved the fact I could see Pierre Koffman in the kitchen actually prepping with his chefs and cooking.  Bravo for breakfast! Those flowers again…..

I loved my stay, cannot wait to go back again maybe in the Summer.  Want to test out Marcus Waring’s culinary offer and swim with the roof off! I also picked up a bargain coat from Zara which was a real added bonus…